What does "Subscription code" mean?
To use our services you need to subscribe. If you have and still experience difficulty, contact us.


Where should we look for information?
givUS lists opportunities for community groups and organisations. 

What are your products?
Our two most used products are givME for individual funding and givUS for group funding. For more information, visit our respective product pages. 

Do you offer your products for free?
We are a social enterprise that operates on a cost recovery model. Some organisations purchase our products for their communities and organisations to use. Ask your school, university or public library if they have a subscription for you to use. 

Does Generosity New Zealand offer funding?
No. We don't administer or offer funds ourselves. We provide you with access to extensive opportunities offered throughout New Zealand. 

I am at secondary school and I want to go on a class trip overseas. Can you help?
This is slightly different from studying overseas. Scholarships and grants are very specific and class trips aren't a high priority for funders. We recommend you fundraise or secure a sponsor. 

Do I need to be a charity to get a grant?
Not necessarily. Every grant has different criteria, so read each one carefully to determine what is required. 

I / We want to subscribe, what now?
It's simple, just fill in this quote form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Why doesn't my library have your products?
Local councils make the decision on which resources they will purchase for their ratepayers. If enough people ask about our products then these tools may become a priority investment for your council or library in the future.

How do your products work?
1) Subscribe
2) Login
3) Refine your search
4) Apply for opportunities

When is the best time to look for funding?
Opportunities open and close at different times throughout the year. For example, many tertiary scholarships close six months (or more) before the following academic year. It pays to be organised, look well in advance and check regularly. 

How do I set up a charity?
Check out Charities Services or Societies and Trusts Online for more information.

Are you a Government department?
We are an independent social enterprise with charitable status, registration number CC21488 (Funding Information Service trading as Generosity New Zealand). We are not a Government department and do not receive any funding from Government.



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