Business Giving  
Business giving and activities that support local communities

Cause Related Marketing 
A marketing strategy to promote the business’s support of a cause

Collective Impact  
Group impact achieved by working in collaboration

Corporate Social Responsibility 
Corporate responsibility leading to more positive impacts

Crowd Funding 
Large quantities of small donations, typically through the internet

A gift of cash, goods or services to a cause of interest

Connection of all networks within the generosity sector

Foundation Grants 
Non-profits established by companies to make annual donations

Generosity Sector 
Philanthropic individuals, organisations and initiatives

Donation of goods and services rather than money

Payroll or Employee Giving 
Authorised deduction from each pay to give to charity

Pro Bono
Professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment

Financial award for a student to further their education

Social Enterprise
Businesses applying strategies to improve society rather than profit

Social Impact
How an organisation’s actions affect the surrounding community