In celebration of Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, Generosity New Zealand has partnered with Tungia Symonds-Kaihau to create a broader understanding of the word kohā. Kohā is the value base that underpins our work. Click the image above to view the video explanation.

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Kohā - It is Life

In recent years, the use of the word koha and its meaning has become common place, in that most people assert koha is directly linked to money and/or a donation, or something prescriptive.

For example, Entry to tonight’s concert is a $5 koha.

Tungia at the generosity new zealand brand launch, 2015

Tungia at the generosity new zealand brand launch, 2015

In 2009, Tungia Symonds-Kaihau of Tainui and Ngāti Maniapoto, introduced a unique kōrero around the notion of koha. She suggested a macron over the 'a' be added to place emphasis to the second syllable  (exhaled breath as in life). In this context, the word kohā broadly translates to ‘it is life’.

The gesture and notion of kohā in generosity is therefore limitless but could be instrumental in broadly acknowledging the celebration of life, be that directly or indirectly.

Kohā is a natural fit in the Generosity ecosystem and with Tungia’s blessing Generosity NZ has embraced the opportunity to incorporate it in its brand and the ethos of what we do, how we work and what we believe in.

v. to enable, aid, contribute, embrace, celebrate, embellish, nurture, acknowledge, be generous
n. it is life (figuratively)



Relationships in the generosity sector

Generosity New Zealand  specialises in creating customised and searchable databases. Through some of our key partnerships, we have created bespoke collections and tools for arts, cultural, sports, education and government organisations. Click on the logos below to see the projects we have achieved with our partners. We recognise all of our partners as being examples of kohā.   


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