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Zero or very few results

We have organised your results into the top 50 based on your chosen criteria and organised by fund closing dates. It is recommended to start with a broad search with only a few search parameters that can be narrowed down. The fewer boxes you fill in, the more search results you get. Other scholarships with later closing dates will be displayed when the ones currently displayed are closed. The more criteria you enter the fewer search results you will get. Try entering fewer criteria and playing around with the search functions. There is definitely something there for you.

50 results

The 50 results you are being shown are the best results for the criteria you chose, organised by nearest closing date. Use different search parameters to get different results.

Ethinicity (Why is New Zealand European or Pakeha not an option on the ethnicity field?)

Most scholarships are being offered to NZ citizens and residents so the default is to leave it blank. Some scholarships are being offered to specific ethnicities or specific groups. We do not have New Zealand European or Pākehā as an option because we do not have any scholarships specifically for New Zealand Europeans or Pākehā.

Why has the search process changed?

The search process has changed because:

  1. Relevance: The search engine show’s only scholarships that tick ALL of the criteria individuals have chosen in their search. This assists students in locating the grants and scholarships that specifically meet their unique circumstances. We recommend that students try a few different searches to get a gauge of the opportunities available. A different results page will appear every time they change something in their search criteria. Students can start with a broad search and slowly fill in more of the criteria each time they try a new search.

  2. Time: Our users previously may have searched for hours to find the grant they were after. This happened because the more criteria the student used, the more schemes filtered into their results page. Many of these schemes did not fit the student’s unique circumstances.  Scrolling through a maximum of 50 scholarships in one search can save students time if they are under pressure to find the right funding quickly. Shorter and more accurate results page makes the search process efficient. Students are urged to frequently check for new grants that are constantly being added. We recommend that students check for new grants and scholarships every month. Each time a grant or scholarship closes, it is removed from the results page. As scholarships open for application they filter into search results. Useful to note is that GNZ add up to 20 new grants and scholarships every month

  3. Accuracy: We only show grants on the database that are open. We update our grants and scholarships information regularly so that when they go live the information is accurate. Grants and scholarships appear in order of closing date. Showing students the grants that are open or are closing soon makes them more likely to apply for these first. The intent is to try to increase the number of grants they are applying to.