2018/19 NZ Business Giving Research: Information Page

No matter how small or big the giving is, together, Businesses can play an important role in supporting NZ communities to thrive. This is inherently linked to our value of Kohā  - to enable, aid, contribute, embrace, celebrate, embellish, nurture, acknowledge, and bring generosity to life!

What is Business Giving

Business Giving covers a range of activities and approaches that support local communities to thrive. Such activities include staff volunteering, payroll giving, donations, cause-related marketing, sponsorship, and donations (cash and in-kind donations).

Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Giving Programmes also encompass a range of Business Giving activities. 

Business Giving Research Series

In 2015, Generosity NZ started the Business Giving Research Series. This research series is intended to better inform the Generosity Sector of the contribution and attributes of business giving in New Zealand. We achieve this by providing snapshots of the size and scope of business giving in NZ, sharing practical insights about implementing giving activities from businesses themselves, and showcasing business giving stories from a range of businesses and industries.

Our aim is to conduct the New Zealand Business Giving Research every two years, with each new report building on its predecessors so we can develop a more comprehensive picture of business giving each time.

Our two previous Business Giving reports can be viewed here. The 2018/19 research will be the third edition in the research series.

2018/19 Business Giving Research

This, our third report, builds substantially on the previous research by examining a wider range of business giving topics and examining each topic in greater detail. It consists of two main methodologies: (1) an online questionnaire and (2) case studies of Business Giving Stories.

Why Are We Doing This Research?

Our hope is that through gathering and sharing the knowledge, insights, and stories of business giving in NZ, we can help build an enduring and ever-growing generous Business Sector. The insights will be shared with the wider Generosity Sector including Government, local councils, NZ business networks, local community organisations, and the general public.

You Would Like to Participate!


If you received an invitation email, just click on the questionnaire link provided in the email.

If you have not received an invitation email, please complete the participant request form and a Generosity NZ team member will contact you shortly to set up your access to the questionnaire.

What Does Participating Involve?

Participating involves completing the business giving questionnaire, and if interested, showing the company’s giving story as a case study. There is, however, a limited number of spaces for case studies.

More detailed information can be found in the ‘FAQs for Participants’ section. Just click on the link below.

Want to Know More?

In the first instance, please refer to the FAQs.

If you require further information please fill out the enquiry form and a Generosity New Zealand team member will connect with you.

Otherwise, please contact our Communications Advisor, Alexandra Kananghinis by email (alexandra@generosity.org.nz) or by phone on +64 4 471 8900.