Generosity New Zealand Launch

Generosity Launch
9 April 2015

To a crowd of welcomed and esteemed guests, Generosity New Zealand was successfully launched by Guy Ryan and Marama Fox on 9 April 2015. The new branding, product names, website and Kohā concept have been considered a great success and sector feedback overwhelmingly positive. 

Marama Takao, Eileen Kelly, Alison Glen, Iain Hines

2015 marks the 75th anniversary of the JR McKenzie Trust. Over this time the Trust has given over $83 million to support new Zealanders in need.

Sir John McKenzie (KBE) established the Trust in 1940 by donating a third of the profits from his successful nationwide chain of department stores, McKenzie's. His strong personal belief in providing benefits and assistance to people in need was based on his own poor origins and his need 'to give something back' remained a constant throughout his life and the lives of McKenzie generations to come.

Sir John's son Sir Roy (ONZ, KBE) greatly increased the Trust's size and profile, set up several other charities and was a major figure in New Zealand philanthropy until his death in 2007. 

The Trust has been an eager supporter of many leading community organisations, including Women's Refuge, People First, CCS Disability Action, the Stroke Foundation, Relationship Services, Rape Crisis and Age Concern. The Trust has also supported many local and ground-breaking organisations working within marginalised communities. The Trust's key areas of focus of today are Māori development, disadvantaged children and their families.

Generosity New Zealand Brand Welcomed

Media Release
December 2014

As the onset of the festive season unfolds on most people’s lives, the word Generosity has found favour as the new brand for Funding Information Service. The transition re-brand, Generosity: Funding Information Services was presented to FIS Board members and staff at its AGM at Wellington’s Shed 6 on Friday.

A full ‘Generosity New Zealand’ rebrand launch is scheduled for 9 April 2015.

Founded 24 years ago and often mistakenly perceived as a Government organisation, Generosity New Zealand has the most extensive collection of funding information for individuals and community groups. Made up of grants, awards and scholarships, the estimated value of funding information is at least $4.5 billion says General Manager Brenda Smith.

“The way people give and the way social and community impact is resourced has changed radically. We found FIS needed to appeal to our communities in a more accessible and contemporary way. The overarching Generosity New Zealand rebrand positions us well for the future,” says Smith.

Smith also says the rebrand emerged from identifying what Funding Information Service (FIS) does as its day-to-day business and what it needs to do differently. Often known for its products Breakout and Fundview or FIS, “we agreed the word Generosity imbues the essence of what makes our existence important, ” says Smith.

“Generosity encapsulates everything that FIS does and enables to happen,” says Raphael Hilbron, of Communications and PR company Senate SHJ and former FIS Board member. Adding, “it also enables people to appreciate its so much more than passive databases and the exchange of money for services. It’s about giving hope and giving taonga and giving love. It’s about giving life,” says Hilbron

The new Generosity New Zealand logo features its own version of the globally recognised ‘share’ icon, which is not immediately clear providing a discovery element with first time viewers.